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GSK opens new state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities worth $130m in Singapore. Opening of continuous manufacturing facilities and expansion of production building will boost capabilities to accelerate the supply of new breakthrough medicines to patients globally.


One of the new continuous manufacturing facilities is part of Jurong's R&D Pilot Plant and will strengthen the site's capability in drug manufacture by allowing faster production of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for clinical trials. The first New Chemical Entity (NCE) to be developed at the new facility will be Daprodustat, a new oral treatment for anaemia associated with chronic kidney disease. The new manufacturing process is expected to reduce production time of Daprodustat, enabling faster access to this medicine for patients globally.


The expansion of the production building which makes APIs for HIV medicines will strengthen GSK's capability to produce Dolutegravir, a key GSK asset for HIV treatment. The investment has enabled the renewal of critical infrastructure in the production building and has allowed GSK to test and develop digital technologies in the manufacturing process to drive productivity improvement.

现有厂房的扩建将扩大生产制造DoluteGravir的能力, DoluteGravirGSK的关键资产,用于HIV治疗。投资使关键生产车间的基础设施得到进一步提升,并允许GSK测试和开发制造过程更加数字化以推动和提高生产力。

The investment demonstrates GSK's commitment to Singapore as a key manufacturing and supply site for GSK's global pharmaceutical business and a testbed for advanced manufacturing technology. The investment behind the new facilities is part of the GSK-EDB 10-year Singapore Manufacturing Roadmap.

这笔投资表明,GSK致力于将新加坡打造成GSK制药业务的关键生产、供应基地以及试验中心。投资新工厂是GSK-EDB 十年新加坡制造蓝图中的一部分。

Regis Simard, President Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain, GSK said, "As one of the most innovative cities in the world, Singapore is home to an ecosystem of companies and organisations that are creating and exporting innovative solutions. Innovation is at the heart of GSK, we are glad to invest in scientific and technical excellence in Singapore to develop and launch the next generation of products which meet the needs of patients, payers and consumers."

GSK制药供应链总裁雷吉斯·西马尔说: “作为一个在世界上有创新精神的城市,新加坡有着良好的生态系统,是出口创新产品的公司和机构的发源地。创新是GSK的核心,我们很高兴在新加坡投资来发展和推出下一代新产品,满足患者和消费者。”

Lim Hock Heng, Vice President & Site Director, Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain Singapore, GSK said, "Advanced manufacturing systems are pivotal for GSK to stay at the forefront of the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. Further investment in digital manufacturing operations and processes will allow GSK to ensure efficient and high-quality production of our medicines."

Lim Hock HengGSK新加坡药品供应副总裁兼地方总监说,“先进的制造系统是使葛兰素史克保持在制药行业的地位的关键。对数字制造业务和流程的进一步投资将允许GSK确保药品的生产效率和高品质。

Chng Kai Fong, Managing Director, EDB said, "Over the years, GSK has continually partnered with Singapore to develop advanced manufacturing technologies, such as continuous manufacturing and digital manufacturing. They have also been a strong partner in training our local talent. These efforts have supported the growth of the industry as a whole and in turn has created diverse and attractive job opportunities for Singapore."

EDB董事总经理Chng Kai-fong说:“多年来,GSK不断与新加坡合作,发展先*进制造业技术,如连续制造和数字制造。他们在培训本地人才方面也是一个强有力的合作伙伴。这些努力支持了整个行业的发展,从而创造了新加坡的就业机会多样化和吸引力。”

About GSK-EDB 10-year Singapore Manufacturing RoadmapIn 2012, GSK and Singapore's Economic Development Board (EDB) jointly explored strategic investment options for GSK in Singapore that would be beneficial for both parties as part of their long-standing collaborative relationship. This led to the formation of a GSK-EDB 10-year Singapore Manufacturing Roadmap that aims to guide the investment decisions and developmental work to ensure manufacturing remains a competitive edge for both GSK and Singapore. This announcement is one of the collaborative areas in this 10-year roadmap.

关于GSK-EDB 十年新加坡制造蓝图:2012年,GSK与新加坡经济发展委员会(EDB)联合,把探索新加坡GSK的战略投资选择作为对双方都有利的长期合作的一部分。这就形成了GSK-EDB十年新加坡制造蓝图。旨在指导投资决策和开发工作,以确保GSK和新加坡在连续制造业上的竞争优势。

About Continuous manufacturing

Continuous manufacturing requires far fewer manual interventions than the traditional 'batch production' in which each stage of the production process takes place sequentially. It enables production to be quicker and at good quality standards. The flexible nature of the production process means that the volume of API produced can be adapted according to demand. There are also a number of environmental benefits from this technique, which will help to reduce the site's carbon footprint.


About GSK : GSK is a science-led global healthcare company with a special purpose: to help people do more, feel better, live longer.

关于葛兰素史克: GSK是一家以科学为主导的医疗保健公司,其特殊目的是:帮助人们做得更多,感觉更好,活得更长。

About GSK's Jurong Site, SingaporeGSK's Jurong site was opened in 1982. The site, which now sits on a nine-hectare site, has evolved from bulk manufacture of established products in the early days to becoming a leading New Product Introductions (NPI) site within the GSK pharma supply chain.  It is focused on the development of late phase New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and delivering higher value products such as very active compounds in small batch sizes. The site currently has an R&D Pilot Plant where NCEs are developed and scaled up, and three production buildings making 13 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for a range of medicines prescribed for the treatment of respiratory, oncology, allergy, anti-viral and neurological conditions. There are about 490 employees working at the Jurong site.